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"A solid program that will bring some serious results if you stick with it. Workouts vary in difficulty and the organization is perfect. Sessions don’t take long and you can easily fit it around strength stuff."
Industrial Athletics
"I can’t believe the improvements I have noticed so far! I add the workouts to the end of my sessions and I am finding that this program really gives you that push you might be lacking from your basic gym WODs. If you keep yourself consistent there is no way you will not see amazing results too! Every athlete needs to find the program that fits for them, and I truly believe this is my fit!"
"I started Enduranceprep with a similar attitude that it would be like most linear programs I’ve done in the past. Obviously this wasn’t the case or I wouldn’t be writing this review and recommending it to everyone I train with. Enduranceprep’s programming is extremely intuitive and helps the athlete reach their goal by consistently pushing their limits with each phase. I’ve seen fantastic results and will be continuing my progression into the new year, with hopes to keep improving my aerobic capacity and overall fitness!"